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About SRE Global

Increasingly in today's economy, clients are holding on to a wider and more diverse portfolio of assets. The same holds true for real estate. Therefore clients require advice on a broader discipline than before. SRE Global is one of the few real estate advisory firms in Asia that offers a full spectrum of real estate related services, which are highly qualified and integrated.


The teams at SRE Global are made up of accomplished individuals with a specialist expertise in each area of real estate consultancy, development and management. These teams work cohesively to provide a comprehensive, broad, yet in-depth analysis of each client's needs and goals, and clients are in good hands each step of the way.


SRE Global is an international real estate advisory firm with a focus on dynamic Asian countries. Previously known as Suntec Real Estate Consultants and Chesterton Suntec, the firm was established in Singapore in the year 1984. Today, SRE Global carries on the mission of developing within Asia, for Asia.


Our Vision

To be Asia's most trusted and valued real estate advisors.


Our Mission

We provide reliable real estate advice with integrity, based on our comprehensive shared knowledge, to innovate and stay ahead of the Asian real estate market.


Our Core Values

At SRE Global, we uphold the professionalism of our industry when we ADVISE:


D: We are DETAILED and a DELIGHT to work with

V: We VALUE relationships and provide VALUE in all our dealings

I: We fulfill our obligations with INTEGRITY and constantly INNOVATE to remain competitive

S: We are SINCERE and aim to SATISFY at all times

E: We are ENLIGHTENED and strive to provide a fulfilling EXPERIENCE for all

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