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Asia: The next frontier for real estate development

“Asia is the next frontier for real estate development. Asia’s growth in recent years has far outpaced that of any continent in the last 100 years. Populous and young, energetic and aspirational, it has all the signs of a potential explosive growth in economic development. This is where SRE Global will be – in the heart of the development of the next era in global history.”

- Tan Kian Hoon, Managing Director, SRE Global Pte Ltd

Professional Services

At SRE Global, you can rest assure that our team of dedicated valuation appraisers and experts will deliver accurate and timely reports.

Agency Services

Our experienced agency team offers indepth and comprehensive solutions to meet the various needs of diverse clients.

Meet the Team

Our team consolidates decades of real estate experience into building a warm and steadfast relationship with our clients.

CSR Impact

We also strive to take on constructive roles in the communities we interact with, to make an impact the SRE Global way.

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